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Parent Consulting

Parenting children who have experienced trauma events can be difficult for the adult and the child. This is true whether the child has a disability, a psychiatric diagnosis, or are generally typically developing. 


We provide a variety of services for families including parent coaching and consulting. This service is especially valuable to parents who are parenting a child who is having an acute behavioral need like major tantrums, hitting siblings, or engaging in threats and yelling. 


We will help families address sources of stress, create systems of discipline that are reasonable for families to implement, and support everyone is getting their needs met. 


Consulting and coaching is appropriate for all families.

How It Works



Behavioral Assessment/FBA

Program Development

Home/family trauma informed behavior support plan

Program Implementation

Behavior Plan Implementation, Training, and Consulting: less than 10 sessions ideally



Part 1: Initial 2 hour remote interview and observation.  In this part, I ask a series of questions and you tell me about your concerns, what is going well, and what you think would be helpful. You will be given a simple chart to fill out until I see you again. 

Part 2: 2 hour in person observation: In this part, I will shadow your family for 2 hours. I will observe you just naturally interacting and ask questions as you go. This is not to judge anything but to gain some insight on routines, what triggers I might observe, and what environmental changes might jump out at me 

Part 3: FBA Report: I will write a comprehensive report detailing our interview and the observations. It will include a review of the proposed function of the behavior and recommendations for responses. 

Part 4: 1 hour meeting to discuss the FBA, give input, and review the basic recommendations 

have the opportunity to read it (remote)

Program Development

Program Development

This plan will address the replacement behaviors, trauma informed (kind) consequences, and also things to avoid the behaviors that address the actual situation, general triggers, and potential trauma triggers (could be abuse related or even COVID related). This will also be a huge focus on making it realistic for YOUR family to implement. This can only be done after the FBA is completed

  1. Part 1: Plan Creation

  2. Part 2: 1 hour parent meeting to review the plan (remote)

Program Implementaton

Program Implementation

1st session: 2 hours in person: In this process, Saundra Bishop will come in person for the 1st session and coach you through the behavior plan.

 Future sessions: 1.5 hours remote: You will take data in between check ins and you will meet for 30 minutes before each observation with Saundra to discuss what you wrote down, what went well, and what didnt. Then, Saundra will observe/coach for 1 hour. In this part of the session,  Saundra will make suggestions, ask questions, or praise. This can occur as frequently as twice a week or as infrequently as every 2 weeks. This will be determined based on need, progress, and family availability. The goal is to be done with coaching in less than 10 sessions. 

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