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Clinical Series

Our Trauma Informed Behavior Clinical Series 4 Week Course, Hosted By Saundra Bishop, Is Designed To Help You Create A Treatment Plan For A Client On Your Caseload.

About the Clinical Series

What to expect

2 hours a week asynchronous with recorded content and 1 hour a week synchronous with Saundra Bishop, MS, BCBA, LBA, CCTP and a cohort of up to 12 colleagues.


12 CEUs (including 2 Ethics and 2 Supervision).

You will also receive an electronic copy of the Trauma Informed Behavior Management Handbook (a $100 value)

Upcoming Cohorts

Cohort Name: 7A

Start Date: October 3rd, 2024

Meeting Time: 1PM-2PM EST

Meeting Dates: Thursdays

10/03, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24

For Employers

Enhance Your Team's Expertise with our Clinical Series cohort!

Calling all employers of dedicated BCBAs and ABA professionals! Invest in your team's growth and development through our Clinical Series cohort. Our Trauma Informed Behavior Clinical Series 4 week course, hosted by Saundra Bishop, is designed to help you create a treatment plan for your caseload. This series covers essential topics with a tailored curriculum that includes valuable CEU opportunities. . The Trauma informed Behavior Clinical Series will empower your team to excel  and achieve outstanding outcomes in the field of behavior analysis.

Cohort Meeting
I would like to thank you for this workshop! I learned a great deal and was able to use what I learned to develp a plan for my student that parents, teachers, and administrators all loved! Now to see it in full action after break!

-Sonya H.

Course Schedule

Week 1

Introduction to Trauma

Informed ABA and Behavior Management 


  • Attendees will identify what trauma events setting events (TESEs) are and how they apply to ABA

  • Attendees will discuss the ethical implications of trauma using and not using trauma informed interventions

  • Attendees will set up data collection systems for a client

Week 2

Setting Events


  • Attendees will be able to define how trauma events (TESEs) can function as a setting event

  • Attendees will review and practice the steps of implementing a trauma informed antecedent intervention addressing TESEs

  • Attendees will apply trauma informed TESE antecedent interventions to a real treatment plan

Week 3

Replacement Behaviors

and Consequences


  • Attendees will be able to teach replacement behaviors that target the unique functions that maintain behavior for people who have experienced trauma events (TESEs)

  • Attendees will be able to teach consequence interventions that address the trauma event setting event (TESE)

  • Attendees will apply trauma informed replacement behaviors and consequence interventions to a treatment plan

Week 4

Behavior Plans and Supervision


  • Attendees will be able to identify tools to follow up on implementation of trauma informed skills (ie: field assessments, self report, group check-ins)

  • Attendees will be able to implement a trauma informed support plan if staff need support with implementation of skills

  • Attendees will be able to use the previous sessions to create a trauma informed behavior plan using the template provided

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