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Vision Statement

At Beyond the BASICS, we are committed to providing behavior analytic services in a manner that is trauma-formed and kind  by providing trainingsand direct therapy while ensuring we are always innovative, ethical, and excellent. 

Company Overview

Beyond the BASICS provides in-home behavior analytic therapy, parent consulting, and school consulting and without disabilities. Behavior is a form of communication and it is important to understand it rather than control it. We challenge traditional models of behavioral therapy and ABA by teaching self advocacy rather than compliance as a primary skill to promote independence and increase better quality of life. We use child specific data to create behavioral, communication, and social skills interventions that honor the whole child and family by working together collaboratively with the child, family, and other professionals. Saundra Bishop, BCBA, LBA, CCPT world class national workshops, trainings, and Keynote addresses provide invaluable tools for providers, schools, companies, and conferences with a focus on neurodivergence and trauma informed care. Our handbook is also available for providers to increase knowledge about trauma-informed informed care and is an integral tool for a trauma-informed treatment plan.

Mission Statement

Beyond the BASICS is committed to providing industry leading behavior analytic services to children with and without disabilities while providing trainings and direct therapy with a focus on trauma-informed care. We wish to challenge traditional models of behavioral therapy and ABA therapy by empowering providers and parents to look at behavior both functionally and kindly. We know Black Lives Matter, Queer Lives Matter, and Autistic voices Matter and will also strive to honor those truths.

Our Core Beliefs

ABA works under the assumption that people engage in behavior due to the consequence of that behavior. Typically, behaviors occur because, in the past, they have been reinforced by escape, attention, access to an object, or a self-stimulatory effect. Traditional ABA may look at those consequences as a way to control behavior, we try to look at those consequences as to way to help the client self advocate and get a need met.

  1. We presume competence

  2. Self advocacy skills are imperative for successful adults

  3. Students should be allowed to say no, ask for breaks, and decline touch

  4. Students are the clients

  5. Parents and other therapists are our partners

  6. Data is very important. It is graphed daily and parents have access

  7. Natural Environment Teaching is usually the best way to learn

  8. It is important to listen to Autistic voices

  9. We honor and celebrate neurodivergence.

Saundra Playing With Child

Parent Handbook 
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What is ABA?

Create By SYEP Interns 2023

*BASICS is supporting the Summer Youth Employment Program which gives DC Youth the opportunity to work paid internships throughout DC. We have a Social Media Program and an ABA training program! Check out what the Social Media teens created!*

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