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Rebranding As Beyond the BASIC

This year has been a big year. I was on 10 podcasts (link), presented at 6 conferences (link) (including being the Keynote Speaker at Utah ABA). I’ve had the joy of doing in-home work again (aba services) and consulting directly with families and schools (Consulting) I intentionally downsized my company this year for a lot of really good reasons: it was harder to keep and train quality staff, I was burned out from running a COVID-era business, and I wanted to spend more time with my 4 wonderful kids.

And as that transition happened, I realized we were more than just BASICS ABA Therapy. We were beyond that. With the trauma informed work, the webinars, conferences, and the high quality staff, I realized we were truly BEYOND the BASICS. And so, after 13 years, we have a new name, a new logo, and even a mascot!

Meet Esperanza. Esperanza means hope. I have hope that we can reform ABA to be kind and respectful. I have hope that we can use our science to effect positive change. I have hope that if we continue to live our lives like we have 8 arms- we can use them in ways that encourage excellence, honor diversity, and lead to joy.

Welcome to Beyond the BASICS. Please visit our new website (link) and join me for my new weekly coffee hour! (Link) Every Tuesday at 9:30am EST. I’ll be hanging out on Zoom and ready to chat ABA, trauma, business, kids, or even about the latest episode of your favorite TV show!

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