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Do You Offer ABA During the School Day


If your insurance allows it, we can support during the school day. Some programs prohibit us from working during the class schedules but we may be able to work when the ;synchronous classes are not in session

This is what it looks like

During virtual learning, the kiddos can be logged in to their virtual class. Their therapist will be next to them. When the therapist needs to prompt the student or remind them of something, they will do so. However, the main focus for us during virtual learning is to have your kiddo focused on the directions of their teachers, and do what they are supposed to be doing during virtual class. The focus is on self advocacy, social skills, self help, and communication.

For example, a student is having a hard time with his virtual classroom, and is not looking at the screen. The therapist will remind the student to look at the screen or ask for a break. The therapist may vocally remind the student or will be there to physically remind the student. This can be done with a shoulder tap or gesturing at the screen. During virtual learning time, we may record data on natural environment success for the medically necessary procedures.

For students only getting services outside of synchronous times, we will work on goals just like in regular ABA sessions focusing on the natural environment and appropriate goals for the setting.

We can support with

  • Paying attention to the screen

  • Following teacher’s directions

  • Communicating with peers or teachers

  • Sitting in one spot

  • Classroom activities

  • Motor Skills

  • Helping the student do an activity directed by the teacher

  • Soothing behaviors

  • De-escalation

  • Self advocacy

  • Executive Functioning (organizing)

Can my kid sit through all their classes?

This is hard for almost all children right now! This is a skill that many of our kiddos are currently working on in their ABA program and throughout their daily routines. So it will be a challenge to get them to suddenly sit through a longer classroom session. That’s why we are also practicing other strategies with the students in order to prevent escalation. For example, taking breaks throughout the virtual learning session.

Why are they taking so many breaks?

Breaks are there to help to prevent the student from getting too stressed out and needing to use ineffective behaviors. We want to ensure that students are relying on more effective methods to escape from the virtual learning environment instead of using ineffective ways if they need a break to stretch, rest their bodies, or clear their heads. This way, the student is able to practice more functional and effective skills.

Are you actually running goals?

Yes, goals will be different based on the student. However, we have put in place goals that can be run during the virtual learning environment as well as out of this time. For most of our kiddos, the goals are often more subtle and embedded into the online school environment.

Can my kid do school with a mask on?

For kids wearing masks, they definitely can wear their mask for the entire session and during their virtual learning session. As part of our COVID-19 safety precautions, kids, their family members, and therapist are wearing masks during the entire ABA Therapy session. For our kiddos that are working on wearing their masks during their ABA time, wearing a mask may be worked on during virtual learning if appropriate.

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