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What Words To Look For When Finding an ABA Company

Finding an ABA company is exhausting. First parents are told the MUST start ABA today. Then they are told all ABA is evil. The fact is that no company is perfect (even those of us that are trying to be as progressive and inclusive as possible). But here are some quick things to look for when choosing a company.

Here are some “buzz words”. Obviously this isn’t fool proof but it gives a basic foundation.

Things to look for:

Trauma Informed

Self Advocacy

Natural Environment

Access to breaks

Things to avoid:

Focus on “table time”

Focus on “extinction”

Focus on DTT (Discrete Trial Training)


Questions to ask:

Do you use extinction procedures?

(The answer should be no)

Do you use flash cards at the table to run goals?

(The answer should be no. The one exception is if there is a communication goal like PECS)

What if my child does not want to run a goal?

(The answer should be they can say no or ask for a break. It should not be that they have to follow through with the direction)

If my child is trantruming in the session and wants me, what usually happens?

(The answer should be that it depends. It should not be that they will ask you to leave the room)

These basic questions can give you an idea of where the company values lie. After you get these questions answered then you can test your gut too. Most companies can’t spend time on a phone interview but they generally can answer a few questions in an email. ABA waitlists are long but it is worth finding a company that will honor your child as a whole person.

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