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Trauma Informed Behavior Webinar Series PartII

Trauma Informed Behavior Webinar Series PartII



Trauma Informed Behavior Management Workshop Series

Topic: Trauma Informed Behavior Management: Replacement Behaviors and Consequences

Workshop Number: 2 of 3

CEUs: 2 CEUs


Behavior analysts focus on observable and measurable behavior and direct function. This can make it difficult when trauma informed strategies seem counter to our assessments. However, if BCBAs and other providers that create behavior plans look at trauma events as setting events, they can create sensitive and effective interventions, which support all clients, including those who may be in foster care, school programs, or even simply living through COVID-19. In this 2 Part Workshop, we will explore how to identify Trauma Events, interventions targeting Trauma Event Setting Events (TESE), interventions targeting teaching Trauma Informed Replacement Behaviors, and interventions addressing Trauma Informed Consequence Procedures.

In this workshop we will focus on learning about how we can teach Replacement behaviors that address function, setting events, antecedents, and trauma event setting events (TESE).

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will be able to teach replacement behaviors and alternative behaviors that target the unique functions that maintain behavior for people who have experienced trauma events.

Attendees will be able to explain the difference between the 4 categories of new behaviors we can teach.

Attendees will be able to utilize consequence interventions that address the trauma event setting event (TESE).

Attendees will be able to hypothesize the social validity of this trauma informed plan.

Attendees will be able to apply the course information to a real case during the training (live version only).

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